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4 litlle questions

Posted: 14 Jan 2013, 17:49
by PRafael
Hi...thank you for developping this program but I need some answers because I' trying to revive an old WIN95 hard drive system. Here the facts and questions:

I'm using TestDisk version 6.13 on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS system and the hard drive that I want to repair is a Fujitsu 4Gb Hard drive MHK2048AT.

Question 1: Can I revive this WIN95 Hard disk in an Ubuntu system?

Question 2: The version 6.13 identifies this drive as "Generic Usb Drive" and with this CHS 1023 150 62. I've searched the web and the CHS for this drive is 10068 15 63 (buffer size is the same 512). If so, do I have to change geometry before analyze the drive?

Question 3: with both CHS the drive reports 1*FAT32 LBA 0 1 1 10063 14 63 9510417 and "Warning Bad Ending Head (CHS and LBA don't match) - I don't understand this message...can you give a little explanation?

Question 4: with both CHS I, ve tried to repair the boot sector. In both cases I found it's structure, the directories and files are correct and when I try to write the boot sector I get this message "Can't write boot sector: (and something that I don't take note *sorry*") and I return no main menu.

I'm now doing and "Analyze" with lots of errors in the right (i hope) geometry 10068 15 63 with an ellapsed time of almost 48 hours. is this correct? I'm doing the right thing?

I hope that You can give me more informationa and answer my questions.