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Cant fix FTFS file system

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 20:20
by ShadowTek
Hello, I tried to install windows 7 from a usb flash drive, it didnt work... it got half way through and it couldnt open a file and bam, drive is screwed up, anyway, now I am on the original hard drive for my laptop and I have a drive wire adapter and Im trying to fix the drive.

Here is a link to hoe the drive looks, its the one at the bottom:

the drive was partitioned in a C and D drive, C is gone but D is still there. The Drive is 750 gigs and that first and second partition make the correct drive, but as you can see theres a mystery 259 gig partition there.

What I was hoping to do is set the file system to NTFS so that I can recover the 650 movies that are on the D drive so I can copy them off then correctly format the drive, and then clone the current drive to it.

I ran test disk, and I didnt see the NTFS file option, I saw everything else. Can someone please help me figure this out.