raid0 empty folder

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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raid0 empty folder

#1 Post by berend » 10 May 2013, 18:02

A Lacie external usb drive with two 500Gb in RAID0 (total of 1Tb) run in some problems.
One drive failed to start (the second drive in the array) and Windows did a filecheck on the (first) drive that was still working, chkdsk was very fast to delete some folders that where empty (I think the data is on the other drive).
I got the array working again, the raid0 drive of 1Tb is filled with 847Gb of data (showing in properties of the drive) but the explorer in Windows is seeing only 105Gb of it (including hidden and system files/folders). The folder with the some of the remaining 742Gb is still on the drive but appears empty.

When listing the files after a quick search with Testdisk i can't enter the folder.

How can I fix this? Writing a testdisk mbr?


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