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Recovery of NTSF Boot Sector

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 09:05
by jtimajo

I have a Sea Gate Go Flex and recently while in the middle of copying a video file to a USB stick, it suddenly crashed.
And when I re-opened it, it is now asking me to format the disk...this led me to availing TestDisk, which has been very helpful. My disk analysis showed all my files are still intact although my hard disk still does not boot. I followed TestDisk instruction but got this instead -

Boot Sector
Status: OK

Back-up boot sector
ntfs_boot_sector: Cant read back-up boot sector
Status: Bad

Now I tried to copy the Original BS over back-up boot sector but it came back with an error of -

Write Error: Can't overwrite NTFS backup boot sector

Can you please I have no other copy of the files in my hard drive and they are quite important!

Re: Recovery of NTSF Boot Sector

Posted: 29 Mar 2012, 13:32
by Fiona
It looks like your file system is damaged.
In this case it's not advisable to sync your backup boot sector.
Backup/copy your files first!
You can use testdisk.
If you list your files, at the bottom of the screen you see the available commands.
Then you can try chkdsk /r to repair your file system.