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Looking for longshot help fixing some files

Posted: 27 Oct 2013, 17:12
by tperk6
I recently went on a trip and took 100+ photos with my phone, which were saved to the micro SD card in it. They were viewable on my phone without any issues but when we got home and tried to transfer them to the computer, they showed up as Unavailable when I'd try to open them, even though the files were all showing with sizes and everything.

After this, they also no longer show on the phone even, since I was hoping to at the very least screen show on each picture to have small versions of them.

I've tried every single thing I can possibly come up with and about 10 different programs for photo recovery, and haven't been able to have any success. The files aren't deleted, just not working, so I'm not sure if anyone has any shot whatsoever of helping me out with this one. We talked all day about how great the pictures were going to be and how excited we were to have them all so I wanted to at least exhaust every option I can before giving up and writing these pictures off as gone forever.

Thanks for your time everyone and I hope someone can give me a hand.