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Unsure which disk to scan

Posted: 04 Nov 2013, 08:34
by Carbon

A little overview on what situation i'm in. I have installed visualized my home machine to start studying my MCSE. After visualizing my home server. i started to copy my data from an external disk to my newly created VM lun. The enclosure i was using had power failure so i went out and bought another. I connected the Disk to my server however Windows 7 and Linux Mint can no longer view the Disk. Its asking to be formatted. Majority of my data copied fine but the files i really needed (my travelling pictures from last year) did not copy over, typical to my luck.

After googling for a while i found the majority of people suggest using Testdisk to recover the partition.

None of the guides ive seen online show the disks like mine...


As you can see i have 3 options for my disk.. Which one do i select?

I tried the top one and did a quick scan however wasnt successful. Maybe its the wrong one?

I have checked and i get 'Bad' for both sectors when looking.

Can anybody help please?

Re: Unsure which disk to scan

Posted: 08 Nov 2013, 19:30
by cgrenier
Assusming you are speaking about the WDC, you can choose /dev/sdc