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4gb CompactFlash card structure repair

Posted: 17 Nov 2013, 16:44
by Argalby

I have several 4gB CF cards that I use in my Canon camera. One of the cards either got removed from the camera during a format, or the battery went dead. At any rate it's causing problems now. This isn't about recovering the files, but I'd like to get the card in working order again.

I've tried several things in TestDisk and the card works in the camera, but very slowly. Images take 4x longer to write to the card. Plus when I format the card in the camera it will format the first time, then the second time it's formatted it says "CF full" and I have to format it again. Images taken with the card can be accessed on the computer, but even on the computer writing to the card is extremely slow.

I have several identical cards like this one, is there something I can do with TestDisk to get it going? Thanks!

Re: 4gb CompactFlash card structure repair  Topic is solved

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 15:05
by cgrenier
The problem is probably hardware, so you should get a new card

Re: 4gb CompactFlash card structure repair

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 18:52
by Argalby
Thanks! I thought maybe because the card worked well before it got removed in mid-format that it could be repaired. But the card isn't too expensive so I'll get a new one. Thanks for the answer!