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Extended disk incorrect free space

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 15:18
by Carl039
I was adding a extra disk to an already extended volume in Windows 2008 R2 server and I opted to the extend which Windows reported reported a upgrade the disk to Dynamic was required first, I usually do this step manually but on this occassion I thought what could possibily go wrong. Big mistake!  
The original disk was 1 x 256GB and 1 x 100GB extended to give a total of 356GB space.  At this point I had 72GB free space.  I then added a 3rd 256GB and exended the volume expecting free space would be 328GB, but windows only managed to set the disk to dynamic, add the disk as a extended volume and then error with a command failed message.  My free space is still 72GB free.
Running a chkdsk /f hasn\'t helped, would using testdisk repair the issue?

Re: Extended disk incorrect free space

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 19:24
by Fiona
Dynamic volumes don't use a partition table.
That's why it's not possible to write a partition table.
As long as you see your volume in your disk management console, you can have a try to repair the boot sector.
In some cases I used the windows disk management console to create volumes exactly like before.
Using Rebuild BS or Backup BS in TestDisk restored the data.

Would it be possible to upload a screenshot from your disk management console?
I assume that your volume appears as RAW?

Information will follow.


Re: Extended disk incorrect free space

Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 10:19
by Carl039

The disk is not appearing as RAW.

Screenshots have been attached.