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Change partition number, how?

Posted: 06 Dec 2013, 16:10
by Atin90
Is it possible to change the partition number? I have looked everywhere in this program but can not find a way to do it. Currently I am using the Ranish Partition manager but that can only work from DOS.

I have instances where this is needed...

On a USB Thumb drive I have two partitions, one is bootable DOS partition with various utilities that does not care if it is partition 1 or 2. On the same drive but on a separate partition I have Windows installer and it needs to be on partition 1 or else the installation does not get past the device discovery portion of the installation.

The above is also true if it is on regular HD partition other than 1

In addition, with the USB Thumb drive, when using this drive from within windows, only partition 1 is ever visible and therefore usable.