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Re: Filesystem corrupted, partition OK

Posted: 23 May 2014, 18:09
by paulkinzelman
Sorry for the long delay, but I gave the disk to a local disk recovery place, and they wouldn't tell me what tool they used, but they recovered a lot of the files (don't know what % but a lot of them) including their file names. They didn't write the disk at all. They said the disk had lots of bad sectors.

So I tried what you suggested, changing the sector size to 512, and there's no change. When I go into Advanced | List again, it has the same message "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged."

So it seems that the filenames were recoverable by whatever tool the place used, but when I run your recovery tool, I get lots of files, but no filenames. Also, it predicts that it'll take a couple of months to analyze the entire disk after running it for a couple of days. That seems pretty long.