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Accidentally killed my Harddrive

Posted: 05 Dec 2014, 15:52
by Zayrok

I´m new here.
Today I crashed my Laptop when writing a program in Java that was too much to handle for the pc. I had to manually shut it off, and Eclipse was still running and I think thats the reason somethings wrong with it now.

I first had the Error 2100 Detection Error on HDD0.
After a friend told me of TestDisk i booted using a linux usbstick and tried to fix it. I tried to fix it, but this was more trial and error than actually knowing what I was doing.
Now it says BootMGR is missing.

Can you please help me and tell me how I can create and post a log here so you can get more information and might be able to help me? Theres much data for my studies on the laptop, so it would be a real shame if the HDD (SSD if that matters) has to be replaced/Data can not be backed up.

Thanks in Advance