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lost ext4 partition table

Posted: 26 Dec 2014, 13:25
by ferramenta

I have a 2TB disk with a lost linux ext4 partition table.
I must have deleted the partition table by accident six months ago.
I remember i try to recover the partition with testdisk in the beggining but i coudln't and i didn't want to mess around with this anymore, i know i could easily lose the info forever.
Now I was able to buy a new 3 TB disk to safely try and recover my information.
What is dear to me is the folder system, i have lots of mp3 organized in alphabetical order.
With clonezilla i made a clone of the original 2TB disk to the new 3TB disk.
When i was restoring the image with clonezilla i was able to see that, at least, my main 4 folders that were on the root of the disk were in the right place and seemed to be readable.
I am posting here because these checking disks and recovering file systems last days and days because the disks are so big and I am not sure what are the exact steps that will lead me to success.
Could somebody experienced with this tell me the sure way or quicker way to go about my business?

Thank you very much in advance