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Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 07:55
by cect

This is my first attempt to repair a HDD: I've done succesfully (?) some steps, but now I do not know what to do now.
Instructions suggest to "Select the partition you want to modify and choose Boot"
But I do not find any "Boot" option
I'm using TestDisk 7.0
and this is what I see:

Disk \\.\PhisicalDrive2 - 2000 GB / 1863 GiB - CHS 243202 255 63
>D HPFS - NTFS 0 32 33 243201 45 44 3907024896
D Linux 61658 63 38 61778 53 35 1927168
D Linux 61659 133 43 61779 123 40 1927168
D Linux 63272 76 37 63396 119 19 1994752
D Linux 63273 1 1 63397 254 63 2008062
D Linux 72391 219 21 72457 0 55 1046528
D Linux 74483 149 35 74614 0 10 2095104
D Linux 80267 147 9 80387 137 6 1927168
D Linux 80268 87 12 80388 77 9 1927168
D Linux 81038 52 39 81168 158 14 2095104
D Linux 81185 146 50 81315 252 25 2095104
D Linux 83026 106 25 83156 211 63 2095104
D Linux 83027 46 28 83157 152 3 2095104
Structure: Ok. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to select partitition.
Use Left/Right Arrow keys to CHANGE partitition chartacteristics:
*=Primary bootable P=Primary L=Logical E=Extended D=Deleted
Keys A: add partitition, L: load backup, T: change type, P: list files,
Enter: to continue
NFTS, blocksize=4096, 2000 GB / 1863 GiB

I'm interested only in first partitition (HPFS - NTFS) where I changed Characteristic from "D"eleted to "L"ogical...

but.. what next?

Thanks a lot for reading and for support.


Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 10:44
by Fiona
You should select your first partition and using the right or left arrow key on your keyboard to set it to L for logical.
You can watch it at the left side of the testdisk display.
I've no idea why you'll prefer a logical partition instead of a primary?
The next step is pressing enter and you'll get to the next display where you can write your partition into your partition table.
TestDisk created an extended partition automatically and will be displayed.

You should only write a partition into your partition table if you know, that you have either no partition or a wrong one in your partition table.
But it's for me not possible to judge, because I've no info.
I'd need a testdisk.log containing all information.
Can you use TestDisk 7.1WIP 32bit and select your disk instead of your PhysicalDrive2?
Would look like this:
Disk /dev/sdc - 3000 GB / 2794 GiB - CHS 45600 255 63, sector size=4096


Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 25 Jun 2015, 15:15
by cect
Hi Fiona,

Thanks for prompt reply.

yes, first step done already (successfully) I changed partitition from D-eleted to L-ogical (or P-rimary)
then press enter, then selected WRITE, then OK, but returned write error.

In disk selection.. although I can se the Drive G: 2000 GB / 1863 GiB, ie the PhisicalDrive2
onse selected it does not recognize a Partitition table type (in fact it select automatically NONE).
Since HDD does have only 1 partitition and there is a warning suggesting NOT to select NONE for media with only a single partitition.. I Quit this way.

I'll try to save a log file and post it here ASAP

Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 26 Jun 2015, 04:52
by cect
finally got the log file:
(3.64 KiB) Downloaded 168 times

Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 26 Jun 2015, 05:46
by Fiona
Did you use TestDisdk 32bit or testdisk 64bit?
TestDisk 64bit is only recommended for OS's without 32bit emulation like WoW64 (WOW64 = Windows on Windows) as some features are missing.
It means, it should be used on genuine 64bit machines like Itanium.

I'm trying to find your disk as decribed in my last post and have another try to write your partition into your partition table.


Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 26 Jun 2015, 08:19
by cect

yes was using 64bit..

will try now with 32bit version

thanks again

Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 26 Jun 2015, 14:31
by cect
(13.47 KiB) Downloaded 187 times
here log for the 32bit version


Re: Can't repair NTFS Boot Sector

Posted: 15 Jul 2015, 07:27
by Fiona
Sry for late!
Looks like that your file system is faulty:
NTFS filesystem need to be repaired.
But your files are listed.
I'd suggest to copy/backup your files first.
In testdisk if you list your files, at the bottom of the screen you'll find all the commands.
If you'd like to copy your files to another healthy disk or partition using testdisk works as follow.
After selecting your files, in the upper area of the screen you can select these two dots and pressing enter, you'll get each time one directory up till your disk seleczion.
You can select another disk or partition.
If you'd like to enter any folder as a destination you can select a folder and enter it, using the right arrow key on your keyboard.
Afterwards you can consider to run chkdsk driveletter: /r to have a try to repair your file system.