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WD Raid 0 (250GB x2) Bad Boot sector and backup

Posted: 01 Sep 2015, 22:05
by pkedpker
Hey I tried to Rebuild BS and it failed. Both my Backup boot sector and Bot sector have the status bad..

But the fact is i'm currently boot into both harddrive's as they both work fine I just did a stupid mistake by running the command fixmbr that comes with Windows Recovery Console and now I can't boot into the real windows mode only safe mode.

The Quick scan indicated I have a Linux Partition even though I know it's a NTFS, I let it set the Partition to Linux thinking that would fix but it didn't fix anything.. I have set it back to 07 which is HPFS - NTFS and I can't rebuild the Boot sector.

Here is a screenshot I'll be posting the log shortly

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Re: WD Raid 0 (250GB x2) Bad Boot sector and backup

Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 20:34
by cgrenier
From Windows CD/DVD, try "Repair" to repair your installation. Note that you will need to apply all Windows updates after that.

Re: WD Raid 0 (250GB x2) Bad Boot sector and backup

Posted: 06 Sep 2015, 03:53
by pkedpker
Anyone having problems with testdisk.. use grub4dos here is the instructions I used that worked flawlessly
Turns out testdisk works properly if ran by a bootmanager like grub4dos not inside windows.

How I fixed it
Download grub4dos from
I used this one
Copy all the contents into a usb..

I would format it in FAT32 since some BIOS don't support NTFS by default mines didn't FAT32 is good if your USB is less then or equal to 4GB to do this I used a special tool called RMPrepUSB from direct download link from here: ... ects=0&d=1

After it's formatted successfully you might have to install MBR of grub4dos using RMPrepUSB tool to your USB both options.. the Yes and No, then copy all the files extracted from grub4dos onto the USB.

Open up the menu.lst from your USB in a good editor (not plain notepad as it has special linux break symbols).

Paste this to the menu anywhere after a closing chainloader from some previous menu.

Code: Select all

title TestDisk
find --set-root --ignore-floppies testdisk.iso
map testdisk.iso (hd32)
map --hook
chainloader (hd32)
then you have to copy the testdisk.iso which I couldn't attach to this forum as it exceeds the 256 kb limit it.s about 1.7 megs here is the direct link for that

Now testdisk will do the deep search much faster and it will find the correct results you will then have to do Rebuild BS which will work perfectly and create a Good backup too.

Yup no files got lost in the process and I didn't even need to use a Windows XP CD either.. after this I just booted into Recovery Console and did a COPY using the working NTLDR file from ... issing.htm

Now everything works great!
I converted it into the Linux which this tool testdisk recommended big mistake..

Now when I boot I get this error

If I press any key on the keyboard I get spammed with that 1234F messages


But the bright side I managed to fix all of this ;)

Re: WD Raid 0 (250GB x2) Bad Boot sector and backup

Posted: 07 Sep 2015, 06:37
by cgrenier
If no partition is marked as boot, MBR code from TestDisk will display "1234F", so you can choose between the 4 partitions.