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Locked Micro SD Card?

Posted: 17 Sep 2015, 00:17
by KenO

I use micro SD cards in both my Canon Camera and Samsung Note 3.

Recently I decided to reformat a Samsung 16GB mSD card that I had last added MP3 audio files.

Normally I use my Canon Camera to reformat both mSD and SD cards.

Was surprised when placed it in a SD adapter and loaded in camera and it said "locked SD card"

At first thought it was a bad adapter but tried another mSD card and the adapter was OK.

Then tried to reformat the 16GB mSD card using the Note 3. While it went through the reformat steps OK (no error messages) when checked after it was done all the original files were still there.

Googled and found Question: " there any setting in the card itself that locks it" Answer:"there are several SD commands which can be used to do this. In particular, CMD27 (PROGRAM_CSD) can be used to set bits which control temporary or even permanent write protection, and CMD42 (LOCK_UNLOCK) can even be used to turn on and off password-based read protection." ... s-lockable

Question: Can TestDisk Unlock micro SD Cards? If yes please give details how.

Did forum search but only got Search found 0 matches: "locked micro SD Card"