RAW Hard Drive

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Re: RAW Hard Drive

#11 Post by Dysharmonic » 24 May 2012, 17:52

The bootsector is bad, but the backup boot sector is fine; should I Backup BS? Will this get rid of my files?

[EDIT]; It says it can't overwrite the boot sector.

[EDIT]; It also hangs at Rebuild BS, even after waiting for 10+ hours.

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Re: RAW Hard Drive

#12 Post by allan » 29 May 2012, 03:34

Hi, I'm facing this same issue.

I'm trying to fix a boot sector from a virtual disk created with disk2vhd.
I activated the log on testdisk and found a more detailed error on it: No medium found.

Write new boot!
file_pwrite(9,1,buffer,63(0/1/1)) write err No medium found
Write error: Can't write new NTFS boot sector
file_pwrite(9,1,buffer,148360274(9234/254/63)) write err No medium found
Write error: Can't write new NTFS backup boot sector

I don't know other software that could fix the boot sector of my virtual disk.
If anyone has an idea of what's going on, please share!



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