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Hard Drive inaccessible

Posted: 23 May 2012, 19:58
by Shockwave
My laptop hard drive is inaccessible , i disconected it and connected it via a external housing . Its not being picked up in windows explorer , but I'm able to see it in TestDisk
It says that the file system is RAW



Please help :(

Re: Hard Drive inaccessible

Posted: 23 May 2012, 20:30
by Fiona
Those messages are not as bad!
TestDisk usually works Intel Standard.
Microsoft changed the partition layout from cylinder boundary to megabyte boundary (Intel partitions are aligned on cylinder boundary).
That's why TestDisk complaines.
But it looks like that your partition is in your partition table.
A boot sector diagnose doesn't stress your disk as much.
TestDisk is able to copy files from a damaged file system, even if windows doesn't display any file.
Please have a try;
Start TestDisk, confirm at create a log with enter and select your affected disk.
Confirm at partition table type with enter also
Don't confirm at Analyse but Advanced.
Select your second and large partition.
Confirm at Boot.
Please upload another schreenshot.
If you see the menu List, please have have a try to list your data.
If you were not able to list your data or TestDisk displays an error message;
Highlight Rebuild BS and hit Enter.
Rebuild your BS will be in progress.
Normally, it takes some minutes.
If it's finished, please post the infos or upload a screen.
If you see a menu List, please highlight it and press enter.
Please let me know, do you see your data or an error message.
To get back to the previous screen, easily press q for Quit.

If you're able to list your data, copy/backup them to another intact partition or disk.
At the bottom of the screen you'll find all the commands.
To go into any folder you can check it and use your right arrow on your keyboard.
To get one directory up, check that 2 dots and press enter.
Standard path is your testdisk folder.

Infos will follow.


Re: Hard Drive inaccessible

Posted: 23 May 2012, 20:57
by Shockwave

What do i select now?