Extern WD drive not recognize

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Extern WD drive not recognize

#1 Post by input » 08 Feb 2016, 19:20


<After some years I like to want repair my extern harddisk 500GB.
<Testdisk only can anylise my harddrive.With fdisk -l I see nothing.
<Now I want to add cylinder, head and type volume to try this.
<But I can't find a manual about how to set cylinder and head functions.
<The blocksize from /dev/dm-0 is 4096 and it has 263 GB.

<I hope somone can help me further.


Oh, I am sorry I was wrong about the harddisk I compare dev/sda and /dev/dm-0 are the same drive so my intern drive.

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