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Could you please help me recover files from HDD.

Posted: 04 Aug 2016, 09:19
by edot
I ask for help because I have read and attempted and this is beyond my knowledge.
I have files on a 320GB Rocstor Rocport 9cx external HDD that are inaccessible.

Attempting to be as direct as possible, here is what I know or have tried to do.

-I tried cloning the drive using clonezilla unsuccessfully.
-Windows 7 recognizes the drive but says I need to format before using.
-Linux Mint states that not all of my data is available to access and issues this statement:
Sorry, could not display all the contents of "Rocstor": Error when getting information for file '/media/mint/Rocstor/$RECYCLE.BIN': Input/output error
-Gparted shows the data as msft data with 44GB used out of the total 320GB
-I have tried to use testdisk but haven't executed any real command besides quick analyze because I don't want to do something irreversible
But Testdisk does say something about incorrect FAT32/16 sector size, I am not sure because it is only displayed for a second or two.
I can post some screen shots and or answer any question about what Testdisk shows.
-I have taken the drive out of the enclosure and it is currently in one of the hdd bays on my laptop (7811FX)
-I have yet to use Photorec or to be honest I dont remember I have been recovering files from more than one hdd because my original drive with all my stuff fell victim to ransomware
and my backup of all my stuff I tripped over the usb cord while it was in the process of backing up what I had lost and it is beyond repair. This drive that has some of my things
is my last hope but not surprisngly I hook it up and its inaccessible. I know that I'm cursed, I have accepted this already.

I have available to me:
Windows 7
Linux Mint
Windows XP
Testdisk, Photorec, Recuva
Seatools for windows

Specifically I am looking to get back .chk files that were recently on the drive but now unaccessible. I think at some point I am going to have to repair or write a partition but I don't know how to do that
Also the $Recycle.bin error worries me. If you can help that would be cool.'

Re: Could you please help me recover files from HDD.

Posted: 04 Aug 2016, 09:30
by cgrenier
You should clone the damaged disk to a new empty disk using ddrescue.
Once its' done, remove the original disk and try to recover your data from the clone.

Re: Could you please help me recover files from HDD.

Posted: 04 Aug 2016, 14:38
by edot
OK I will do that and post later today. thanks for reply