No operating System found, need your help

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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No operating System found, need your help

#1 Post by crypto »

Hello CGsecurity community,

i have registered here because a problem with my laptop computer HD. After a failed Win7 64 Update session the computer hang up, so i had the only option and switched off the computer.
Then started new but a boot loop happend each time i want to start new.

The end of the story is that i broke a recover session when i read that the rescue function want to format my HDD, so i stopped thi immediately . At the end of all, i got a message like "No Operating System found"

I think the MBR is away or not damaged because the formatting session.

The big bis problem for me is, that all my bachekor thesis work is on this computer (including programming work and documentations) and i urgently need to work on it. (have no copies in this stadium)

Now i have removed the HDD from the computer and putted it into a docking station. Started Testdrive and started a Analysis with this result:

There are the two partitions.

Then i pressed enter on the first partition and got this result:Image

Says structure okay but now i dont know what to do?

My thinking was that it is better to ask the specialists here, i dont want to make new/more damages.

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Re: No operating System found, need your help

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Currently there is a huge unallocated area on your disk. Can you post the result of Deeper Search (after Analyse, Quick Search...) ?
If you find your partition, use 'p' to list the files. If it's ok, set the partition as P(rimary) and on next screen, choose Write, confirm, Quit and restart your computer.
If it doesn't find your partition, run PhotoRec, enable the expert mode in Options, start a recovery, choose [Whole Disk], when asked, choose a blocksize of 512 bytes,
use the default options otherwise. You will have to sort the recovered files to find your lost files.