Help recovering encrypted drive -- SOLVED

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Re: Help recovering encrypted drive -- reward!

#11 Post by rabbit »

Can we give this another try?

Apparently entering '318' to the starting sector was not the correct fix. It created an additional sector, rather than repairing the original. Maybe I took the instructions wrong?

Can this copied HD be used for a second try, or do I need to re-copy the original?

Would a different TestDisk version be helpful? I'm using the 7.0 version on Manjaro. The branches from [Analyse] [Advanced] [Geometry] and [Options] seem to use "243061471 1707156878 1464095408-type" entries, not " 0 1 1 ". Is this a concern?

The reward is very early Bitcoin that I was mining on this system, and it will be divided between whoever shows how to rescue the filesystem and Mr. Grenier. No need to hang back if you know how to fix this! I have some important files on this disk that I'd like to have back.

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Re: Help recovering encrypted drive -- reward!

#12 Post by cgrenier »

The partition starting at sector 318 must be MS Data, not EFI System.

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Re: Help recovering encrypted drive -- SOLVED

#13 Post by rabbit »

Great news! I fixed my filesystem.

This is an Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 LUKS LVM system disk that I mistakenly reformatted some years ago. It's one thing to fsck an ordinary ext2 partition, and quite another to go thru the complex steps required to set up the file system for recovery of an encrypted LVM.

After several years of trying, and giving up in confusion, I discovered the recovery process at ... ks-volume/. It worked for me first time!

Christophe, I want to thank you for the help and assistance you've given me all along. You are the only one we can turn to when something like this happens, and you should be rewarded for giving us your time, your knowledge, and for keeping us aimed straight while we work our way through all of the emotional trauma. PM me, or write to my Email with a receiving address and I will send you one very early Bitcoin (€6,976) that was rescued with your help. Thank You!