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sd card corrupt

Posted: 25 Apr 2018, 11:54
by smash
Hi guys, I posted for help once before and had limited replies (1), I am new to testdisk, moreso whatever I learned before on how to use it now is lost (simply can't remember or have the time to look into it (read again)), also given the loss in the knowledge which was very novice at best I simply do not want to press something and have the sd cards forever lost/unrecoverable. It may be a easy way out but I'd prefer someone more converse/knowledgeable to help on this, at least in this instance.

Therefore, can I offer a monetary value to anyone that can talk me into a recovery of very important files I have over two sd cards, that were corrupted when an android phone was being paired to a android watch; during which both froze and rebooted (on both occasions/sd cards), since then the sd cards are not accessible by any windows or iMac (mid 2007) computers, by which I mean they show up as drives, but when clicked on they ask to reformat/initialise leading to reformat option.

I am desperate to recover all the info on both sd cards, I would appreciate any and all help/advice.