Partition: Read Error

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Partition: Read Error

#1 Post by NovianM »

Hi I am back again for my same Seagate Backup +Drive that is 4TB's big I noticed some times on boot on windows explorer it would not be operable. I tried running a chkdesk on it and it seems the drive has gone RAW now. I was wondering what the next step to take was.
I tried opening up Testdisk
The other drives appear to be reading just fine they all show up as Disk /dev/sxxxxxxx
However this time the K Drive is simply Drive K: - 4000 GB /3726 GiB - Seagate Backup +
It is defaulting to the None Partition Table type
Am I screwed? :cry:

What should my next course of action be? I could not find a big enough drive to back this up so I may be out a handful of projects but I still see that window s explorer can see there is content on the drive but I don't know how damaged if it is damaged or if something else is going on?
Any assistance would be helpful.

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Joined: 23 Nov 2017, 08:48

Re: Partition: Read Error

#2 Post by NovianM »

After a couple of restarts and reseating the data and power connectors. It seems to be reading but I am working on moving everything off there now. I plan to retire it as soon as I move the data and get a replacement.