Partitions no longer showing

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Partitions no longer showing

#1 Post by Timmi » 06 Jul 2018, 18:49

First, I'd like to ask you to forgive me for being such a noob in Linux. I'm on Mint 18.3 (mate). And I really don't know where to ask this question, so first, forgive me if you consider it off-topic or in the wrong forum.

On LinuxMint 18.3, I have successfully used Photorec to recover over 31000 family photos (from "sda", and had it send the recovered ones to another hard drive "sdb", which is a large partition that I created as FAT so that a future Windows can "see" it).
That drive (sda), had a partition at the end of it, that used to be FAT and reserved for data only, which was lost (due to a Win program sector resizing error), but I had left untouched after it was lost. I thought I would shrink the partition that preceded that (lost partition) area, from which I had already recovered data, to see if I can recover more data in the 50GB that preceded that region. But the resizing didn't seem to work, I started to get scared, and aborted the operation. I used GParted for that.

I went on to install Windows7 onto an SSD. But when I boot Windows7, with the other hdd in the other drive bay, it doesn't see the partition that contains the recovered directories and photos on sdb.

I removed the SSD, and put back in the drive from which I recovered the data initially, and which contained my Linux OS, and booted with that.

Now I could no longer see [Other Places] in my file managers (Caja and PCmanFM), which is where I was able to view and access all the other partitions on that drive, and on the other drive.

So, in summary, I installed Windows onto an SSD, with the drive that contained the recovered data in the other drive bay.
Later under Linux, I attempted to resize a partition on the original source hdd (sda), aborted that.
Now I can't access the other (data) partition in sda when booting from it into Linux, and I can't access any of the partitions in sdb.

Any tips? Please?

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Re: Partitions no longer showing

#2 Post by cgrenier » 07 Jul 2018, 10:54

Try TestDisk, Advanced, List and check if you can see your files


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