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Help for repair ext4 after run testdisk

Posted: 20 Aug 2018, 04:25
by kerneldark
Hi, if i get a hd that is on a machine (a) with uefi and the hd partitioned with gpt, i put it on another machine (b) that does not support uefi, the disk can be corrupted? I did this and in the machine without uefi support, the main partition of the hd appeared with size 250gb, being that it was 500gb. So I thought the partition table had been corrupted, I used testdisk in pc (mbr) mode, and I recorded the partition table even though I could not see the files, now I can not access the hd partition even on the machine ( a), do you still have to repair it?

recover_EXT2: s_block_group_nr=0/3690, s_mnt_count=21/4294967295, s_blocks_per_group=32768, s_inodes_per_group=8192
recover_EXT2: s_blocksize=4096
recover_EXT2: s_blocks_count 120919552
recover_EXT2: part_size 967356416
Filesystem created: Wed Nov 29 16:34:48 2017
Last mount time: Thu Aug 16 16:58:29 2018
Linux filesys. data 483679040 1451035455 967356416
ext4 blocksize=4096 Large_file Sparse_SB Recover, 495 GB / 461 GiB
This partition ends after the disk limits. (start=483679040, size=967356416, end=1451035455, disk end=976773168)

Re: Help for repair ext4 after run testdisk

Posted: 20 Aug 2018, 06:56
by cgrenier
The disk geometry is probably different between the 2 computers.
Run TestDisk on machine (a) to avoid the problem.