bitlocker boot disk crashed-- cant repair file system Topic is solved

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Re: bitlocker boot disk crashed-- cant repair file system

#21 Post by iepso » 30 Aug 2019, 19:56

FAT: cluster=438(0x1b6), pos=64379711
FAT: cluster=439(0x1b7), pos=64379719
FAT: cluster=440(0x1b8), pos=64379727
FAT: cluster=441(0x1b9), pos=64379735
FAT: cluster=442(0x1ba), pos=64379743
FAT: cluster=443(0x1bb), pos=64379751
FAT: cluster=444(0x1bc), pos=64379759
FAT: cluster=445(0x1bd), pos=64379767
FAT: cluster=446(0x1be), pos=64379775
FAT: cluster=447(0x1bf), pos=64379783
FAT: cluster=448(0x1c0), pos=64379791
FAT: cluster=449(0x1c1), pos=64379799
FAT: cluster=450(0x1c2), pos=64379807
FAT: cluster=451(0x1c3), pos=64379815
FAT: cluster=452(0x1c4), pos=64379823
FAT: cluster=453(0x1c5), pos=64379831
FAT: cluster=454(0x1c6), pos=64379839
FAT: cluster=455(0x1c7), pos=64379847
FAT: cluster=456(0x1c8), pos=64379855
FAT: cluster=457(0x1c9), pos=64379863
FAT: cluster=458(0x1ca), pos=64379871
FAT: cluster=459(0x1cb), pos=64379879
FAT: cluster=460(0x1cc), pos=64379887
FAT: cluster=461(0x1cd), pos=64379895
FAT: cluster=462(0x1ce), pos=64379903
FAT: cluster=463(0x1cf), pos=64379911
FAT: cluster=464(0x1d0), pos=64379919
FAT: cluster=465(0x1d1), pos=64379927
FAT: cluster=466(0x1d2), pos=64379935
FAT: cluster=467(0x1d3), pos=64379943
FAT: cluster=468(0x1d4), pos=64379951
FAT: cluster=469(0x1d5), pos=64379959
FAT: cluster=470(0x1d6), pos=64379967
FAT: cluster=471(0x1d7), pos=64379975
FAT: cluster=472(0x1d8), pos=64379983
FAT: cluster=473(0x1d9), pos=64379991
FAT: cluster=474(0x1da), pos=64379999
FAT: cluster=475(0x1db), pos=64380007
FAT: cluster=476(0x1dc), pos=64380015
FAT: cluster=477(0x1dd), pos=64380023
FAT: cluster=478(0x1de), pos=64380031
FAT: cluster=479(0x1df), pos=64380039
FAT: cluster=480(0x1e0), pos=64380047
FAT: cluster=481(0x1e1), pos=64380055
FAT: cluster=482(0x1e2), pos=64380063
FAT: cluster=483(0x1e3), pos=64380071
FAT: cluster=484(0x1e4), pos=64380079
FAT: cluster=485(0x1e5), pos=64380087
FAT: cluster=486(0x1e6), pos=64380095
FAT: cluster=487(0x1e7), pos=64380103
FAT: cluster=488(0x1e8), pos=64380111
FAT: cluster=489(0x1e9), pos=64380119
FAT: cluster=490(0x1ea), pos=64380127
FAT: cluster=491(0x1eb), pos=64380135
FAT: cluster=492(0x1ec), pos=64380143
FAT: cluster=493(0x1ed), pos=64380151
FAT: cluster=494(0x1ee), pos=64380159
FAT: cluster=495(0x1ef), pos=64380167
FAT: cluster=496(0x1f0), pos=64380175
FAT: cluster=497(0x1f1), pos=64380183
FAT: cluster=498(0x1f2), pos=64380191
FAT: cluster=499(0x1f3), pos=64380199
FAT: cluster=500(0x1f4), pos=64380207
FAT: cluster=501(0x1f5), pos=64380215
FAT: cluster=502(0x1f6), pos=64380223
FAT: cluster=503(0x1f7), pos=64380231
FAT: cluster=504(0x1f8), pos=64380239
FAT: cluster=505(0x1f9), pos=64380247
FAT: cluster=506(0x1fa), pos=64380255
FAT: cluster=507(0x1fb), pos=64380263
FAT: cluster=508(0x1fc), pos=64380271
FAT: cluster=509(0x1fd), pos=64380279
FAT: cluster=510(0x1fe), pos=64380287
FAT: cluster=511(0x1ff), pos=64380295
FAT: cluster=512(0x200), pos=64380303
FAT: cluster=513(0x201), pos=64380311
MS Data 64374143 64920352 546210 [Remote Img]
FAT32, blocksize=4096, 279 MB / 266 MiB
FAT32 at 4121/67/10
Should be marked as FAT32
FAT1 : 32-1055
FAT2 : 1056-2079
start_rootdir : 2080 root cluster : 2
Data : 2080-546207
sectors : 546210
cluster_size : 8
no_of_cluster : 68016 (2 - 68017)
fat_length 1024 calculated 532
FAT differs, FAT sectors=0-16/1024
set_FAT_info: name from BS used

FAT32 at 4121/67/10
FAT: cluster=2(0x2), pos=66210175
FAT: cluster=3(0x3), pos=66210183
FAT: cluster=4(0x4), pos=66210191
FAT: cluster=5(0x5), pos=66210199
FAT: cluster=6(0x6), pos=66210207
FAT: cluster=7(0x7), pos=66210215
FAT: cluster=8(0x8), pos=66210223
FAT: cluster=9(0x9), pos=66210231
FAT: cluster=10(0xa), pos=66210239
FAT: cluster=11(0xb), pos=66210247
FAT: cluster=12(0xc), pos=66210255
FAT: cluster=13(0xd), pos=66210263
FAT: cluster=14(0xe), pos=66210271
FAT: cluster=15(0xf), pos=66210279
FAT: cluster=16(0x10), pos=66210287
FAT: cluster=17(0x11), pos=66210295
FAT: cluster=18(0x12), pos=66210303
FAT: cluster=19(0x13), pos=66210311
FAT: cluster=20(0x14), pos=66210319
FAT: cluster=21(0x15), pos=66210327
FAT: cluster=22(0x16), pos=66210335
FAT: cluster=23(0x17), pos=66210343
FAT: cluster=24(0x18), pos=66210351
FAT: cluster=25(0x19), pos=66210359
FAT: cluster=26(0x1a), pos=66210367
FAT: cluster=27(0x1b), pos=66210375
FAT: cluster=28(0x1c), pos=66210383
FAT: cluster=29(0x1d), pos=66210391
FAT: cluster=30(0x1e), pos=66210399
FAT: cluster=31(0x1f), pos=66210407
FAT: cluster=32(0x20), pos=66210415
FAT: cluster=33(0x21), pos=66210423
FAT: cluster=34(0x22), pos=66210431
FAT: cluster=35(0x23), pos=66210439
FAT: cluster=36(0x24), pos=66210447
FAT: cluster=37(0x25), pos=66210455
FAT: cluster=38(0x26), pos=66210463
FAT: cluster=39(0x27), pos=66210471
FAT: cluster=40(0x28), pos=66210479
FAT: cluster=41(0x29), pos=66210487
FAT: cluster=42(0x2a), pos=66210495
FAT: cluster=43(0x2b), pos=66210503
FAT: cluster=44(0x2c), pos=66210511
FAT: cluster=45(0x2d), pos=66210519
FAT: cluster=46(0x2e), pos=66210527
FAT: cluster=47(0x2f), pos=66210535
FAT: cluster=48(0x30), pos=66210543
FAT: cluster=49(0x31), pos=66210551
FAT: cluster=50(0x32), pos=66210559
FAT: cluster=51(0x33), pos=66210567
FAT: cluster=52(0x34), pos=66210575
FAT: cluster=53(0x35), pos=66210583
FAT: cluster=54(0x36), pos=66210591
FAT: cluster=55(0x37), pos=66210599
FAT: cluster=56(0x38), pos=66210607
FAT: cluster=57(0x39), pos=66210615
FAT: cluster=58(0x3a), pos=66210623
FAT: cluster=59(0x3b), pos=66210631
FAT: cluster=60(0x3c), pos=66210639
FAT: cluster=61(0x3d), pos=66210647
FAT: cluster=62(0x3e), pos=66210655
FAT: cluster=63(0x3f), pos=66210663
FAT: cluster=64(0x40), pos=66210671
FAT: cluster=65(0x41), pos=66210679
FAT: cluster=66(0x42), pos=66210687
FAT: cluster=67(0x43), pos=66210695
FAT: cluster=68(0x44), pos=66210703
FAT: cluster=69(0x45), pos=66210711
FAT: cluster=70(0x46), pos=66210719
FAT: cluster=71(0x47), pos=66210727
FAT: cluster=72(0x48), pos=66210735
FAT: cluster=73(0x49), pos=66210743
FAT: cluster=74(0x4a), pos=66210751
FAT: cluster=75(0x4b), pos=66210759
FAT: cluster=76(0x4c), pos=66210767
FAT: cluster=77(0x4d), pos=66210775
FAT: cluster=78(0x4e), pos=66210783
FAT: cluster=79(0x4f), pos=66210791
FAT: cluster=80(0x50), pos=66210799
FAT: cluster=81(0x51), pos=66210807
FAT: cluster=82(0x52), pos=66210815
FAT: cluster=83(0x53), pos=66210823
FAT: cluster=84(0x54), pos=66210831
FAT: cluster=85(0x55), pos=66210839
FAT: cluster=86(0x56), pos=66210847
FAT: cluster=87(0x57), pos=66210855
FAT: cluster=88(0x58), pos=66210863
FAT: cluster=89(0x59), pos=66210871
FAT: cluster=90(0x5a), pos=66210879
FAT: cluster=91(0x5b), pos=66210887
FAT: cluster=92(0x5c), pos=66210895
FAT: cluster=93(0x5d), pos=66210903
FAT: cluster=94(0x5e), pos=66210911
FAT: cluster=95(0x5f), pos=66210919
FAT: cluster=96(0x60), pos=66210927
FAT: cluster=97(0x61), pos=66210935
FAT: cluster=98(0x62), pos=66210943
FAT: cluster=99(0x63), pos=66210951
FAT: cluster=100(0x64), pos=66210959
FAT: cluster=101(0x65), pos=66210967
FAT: cluster=102(0x66), pos=66210975
FAT: cluster=103(0x67), pos=66210983
FAT: cluster=104(0x68), pos=66210991
FAT: cluster=105(0x69), pos=66210999
FAT: cluster=106(0x6a), pos=66211007
FAT: cluster=107(0x6b), pos=66211015
FAT: cluster=108(0x6c), pos=66211023
FAT: cluster=109(0x6d), pos=66211031
FAT: cluster=110(0x6e), pos=66211039
FAT: cluster=111(0x6f), pos=66211047
FAT: cluster=112(0x70), pos=66211055
FAT: cluster=113(0x71), pos=66211063
FAT: cluster=114(0x72), pos=66211071
FAT: cluster=115(0x73), pos=66211079
FAT: cluster=116(0x74), pos=66211087
FAT: cluster=117(0x75), pos=66211095
FAT: cluster=118(0x76), pos=66211103
FAT: cluster=119(0x77), pos=66211111
FAT: cluster=120(0x78), pos=66211119
FAT: cluster=121(0x79), pos=66211127
FAT: cluster=122(0x7a), pos=66211135
FAT: cluster=123(0x7b), pos=66211143
FAT: cluster=124(0x7c), pos=66211151
FAT: cluster=125(0x7d), pos=66211159
FAT: cluster=126(0x7e), pos=66211167
FAT: cluster=127(0x7f), pos=66211175
FAT: cluster=128(0x80), pos=66211183
FAT: cluster=129(0x81), pos=66211191
FAT: cluster=130(0x82), pos=66211199
FAT: cluster=131(0x83), pos=66211207
FAT: cluster=132(0x84), pos=66211215
FAT: cluster=133(0x85), pos=66211223
FAT: cluster=134(0x86), pos=66211231
FAT: cluster=135(0x87), pos=66211239
FAT: cluster=136(0x88), pos=66211247
FAT: cluster=137(0x89), pos=66211255
FAT: cluster=138(0x8a), pos=66211263
FAT: cluster=139(0x8b), pos=66211271
FAT: cluster=140(0x8c), pos=66211279
FAT: cluster=141(0x8d), pos=66211287
FAT: cluster=142(0x8e), pos=66211295
FAT: cluster=143(0x8f), pos=66211303
FAT: cluster=144(0x90), pos=66211311
FAT: cluster=145(0x91), pos=66211319
FAT: cluster=146(0x92), pos=66211327
FAT: cluster=147(0x93), pos=66211335
FAT: cluster=148(0x94), pos=66211343
FAT: cluster=149(0x95), pos=66211351
FAT: cluster=150(0x96), pos=66211359
FAT: cluster=151(0x97), pos=66211367
FAT: cluster=152(0x98), pos=66211375
FAT: cluster=153(0x99), pos=66211383
FAT: cluster=154(0x9a), pos=66211391
FAT: cluster=155(0x9b), pos=66211399
FAT: cluster=156(0x9c), pos=66211407
FAT: cluster=157(0x9d), pos=66211415
FAT: cluster=158(0x9e), pos=66211423
FAT: cluster=159(0x9f), pos=66211431
FAT: cluster=160(0xa0), pos=66211439
FAT: cluster=161(0xa1), pos=66211447
FAT: cluster=162(0xa2), pos=66211455
FAT: cluster=163(0xa3), pos=66211463
FAT: cluster=164(0xa4), pos=66211471
FAT: cluster=165(0xa5), pos=66211479
FAT: cluster=166(0xa6), pos=66211487
FAT: cluster=167(0xa7), pos=66211495
FAT: cluster=168(0xa8), pos=66211503
FAT: cluster=169(0xa9), pos=66211511
FAT: cluster=170(0xaa), pos=66211519
FAT: cluster=171(0xab), pos=66211527
FAT: cluster=172(0xac), pos=66211535
FAT: cluster=173(0xad), pos=66211543
FAT: cluster=174(0xae), pos=66211551
FAT: cluster=175(0xaf), pos=66211559
FAT: cluster=176(0xb0), pos=66211567
FAT: cluster=177(0xb1), pos=66211575
FAT: cluster=178(0xb2), pos=66211583
FAT: cluster=179(0xb3), pos=66211591
FAT: cluster=180(0xb4), pos=66211599
FAT: cluster=181(0xb5), pos=66211607
FAT: cluster=182(0xb6), pos=66211615
FAT: cluster=183(0xb7), pos=66211623
FAT: cluster=184(0xb8), pos=66211631
FAT: cluster=185(0xb9), pos=66211639
FAT: cluster=186(0xba), pos=66211647
FAT: cluster=187(0xbb), pos=66211655
FAT: cluster=188(0xbc), pos=66211663
FAT: cluster=189(0xbd), pos=66211671
FAT: cluster=190(0xbe), pos=66211679
FAT: cluster=191(0xbf), pos=66211687
FAT: cluster=192(0xc0), pos=66211695
FAT: cluster=193(0xc1), pos=66211703
FAT: cluster=194(0xc2), pos=66211711
FAT: cluster=195(0xc3), pos=66211719
FAT: cluster=196(0xc4), pos=66211727
FAT: cluster=197(0xc5), pos=66211735
FAT: cluster=198(0xc6), pos=66211743
FAT: cluster=199(0xc7), pos=66211751
FAT: cluster=200(0xc8), pos=66211759
FAT: cluster=201(0xc9), pos=66211767
FAT: cluster=202(0xca), pos=66211775
FAT: cluster=203(0xcb), pos=66211783
FAT: cluster=204(0xcc), pos=66211791
FAT: cluster=205(0xcd), pos=66211799
FAT: cluster=206(0xce), pos=66211807
FAT: cluster=207(0xcf), pos=66211815
FAT: cluster=208(0xd0), pos=66211823
FAT: cluster=209(0xd1), pos=66211831
FAT: cluster=210(0xd2), pos=66211839
FAT: cluster=211(0xd3), pos=66211847
FAT: cluster=212(0xd4), pos=66211855
FAT: cluster=213(0xd5), pos=66211863
FAT: cluster=214(0xd6), pos=66211871
FAT: cluster=215(0xd7), pos=66211879
FAT: cluster=216(0xd8), pos=66211887
FAT: cluster=217(0xd9), pos=66211895
FAT: cluster=218(0xda), pos=66211903
FAT: cluster=219(0xdb), pos=66211911
FAT: cluster=220(0xdc), pos=66211919
FAT: cluster=221(0xdd), pos=66211927
FAT: cluster=222(0xde), pos=66211935
FAT: cluster=223(0xdf), pos=66211943
FAT: cluster=224(0xe0), pos=66211951
FAT: cluster=225(0xe1), pos=66211959
FAT: cluster=226(0xe2), pos=66211967
FAT: cluster=227(0xe3), pos=66211975
FAT: cluster=228(0xe4), pos=66211983
FAT: cluster=229(0xe5), pos=66211991
FAT: cluster=230(0xe6), pos=66211999
FAT: cluster=231(0xe7), pos=66212007
FAT: cluster=232(0xe8), pos=66212015
FAT: cluster=233(0xe9), pos=66212023
FAT: cluster=234(0xea), pos=66212031
FAT: cluster=235(0xeb), pos=66212039
FAT: cluster=236(0xec), pos=66212047
FAT: cluster=237(0xed), pos=66212055
FAT: cluster=238(0xee), pos=66212063
FAT: cluster=239(0xef), pos=66212071
FAT: cluster=240(0xf0), pos=66212079
FAT: cluster=241(0xf1), pos=66212087
FAT: cluster=242(0xf2), pos=66212095
FAT: cluster=243(0xf3), pos=66212103
FAT: cluster=244(0xf4), pos=66212111
FAT: cluster=245(0xf5), pos=66212119
FAT: cluster=246(0xf6), pos=66212127
FAT: cluster=247(0xf7), pos=66212135
FAT: cluster=248(0xf8), pos=66212143
FAT: cluster=249(0xf9), pos=66212151
FAT: cluster=250(0xfa), pos=66212159
FAT: cluster=251(0xfb), pos=66212167
FAT: cluster=252(0xfc), pos=66212175
FAT: cluster=253(0xfd), pos=66212183
FAT: cluster=254(0xfe), pos=66212191
FAT: cluster=255(0xff), pos=66212199
FAT: cluster=256(0x100), pos=66212207
FAT: cluster=257(0x101), pos=66212215
FAT: cluster=258(0x102), pos=66212223
FAT: cluster=259(0x103), pos=66212231
FAT: cluster=260(0x104), pos=66212239
FAT: cluster=261(0x105), pos=66212247
FAT: cluster=262(0x106), pos=66212255
FAT: cluster=263(0x107), pos=66212263
FAT: cluster=264(0x108), pos=66212271
FAT: cluster=265(0x109), pos=66212279
FAT: cluster=266(0x10a), pos=66212287
FAT: cluster=267(0x10b), pos=66212295
FAT: cluster=268(0x10c), pos=66212303
FAT: cluster=269(0x10d), pos=66212311
FAT: cluster=270(0x10e), pos=66212319
FAT: cluster=271(0x10f), pos=66212327
FAT: cluster=272(0x110), pos=66212335
FAT: cluster=273(0x111), pos=66212343
FAT: cluster=274(0x112), pos=66212351
FAT: cluster=275(0x113), pos=66212359
FAT: cluster=276(0x114), pos=66212367
FAT: cluster=277(0x115), pos=66212375
FAT: cluster=278(0x116), pos=66212383
FAT: cluster=279(0x117), pos=66212391
FAT: cluster=280(0x118), pos=66212399
FAT: cluster=281(0x119), pos=66212407
FAT: cluster=282(0x11a), pos=66212415
FAT: cluster=283(0x11b), pos=66212423
FAT: cluster=284(0x11c), pos=66212431
FAT: cluster=285(0x11d), pos=66212439
FAT: cluster=286(0x11e), pos=66212447
FAT: cluster=287(0x11f), pos=66212455
FAT: cluster=288(0x120), pos=66212463
FAT: cluster=289(0x121), pos=66212471
FAT: cluster=290(0x122), pos=66212479
FAT: cluster=291(0x123), pos=66212487
FAT: cluster=292(0x124), pos=66212495
FAT: cluster=293(0x125), pos=66212503
FAT: cluster=294(0x126), pos=66212511
FAT: cluster=295(0x127), pos=66212519
FAT: cluster=296(0x128), pos=66212527
FAT: cluster=297(0x129), pos=66212535
FAT: cluster=298(0x12a), pos=66212543
FAT: cluster=299(0x12b), pos=66212551
FAT: cluster=300(0x12c), pos=66212559
FAT: cluster=301(0x12d), pos=66212567
FAT: cluster=302(0x12e), pos=66212575
FAT: cluster=303(0x12f), pos=66212583
FAT: cluster=304(0x130), pos=66212591
FAT: cluster=305(0x131), pos=66212599
FAT: cluster=306(0x132), pos=66212607
FAT: cluster=307(0x133), pos=66212615
FAT: cluster=308(0x134), pos=66212623
FAT: cluster=309(0x135), pos=66212631
FAT: cluster=310(0x136), pos=66212639
FAT: cluster=311(0x137), pos=66212647
FAT: cluster=312(0x138), pos=66212655
FAT: cluster=313(0x139), pos=66212663
FAT: cluster=314(0x13a), pos=66212671
FAT: cluster=315(0x13b), pos=66212679
FAT: cluster=316(0x13c), pos=66212687
FAT: cluster=317(0x13d), pos=66212695
FAT: cluster=318(0x13e), pos=66212703
FAT: cluster=319(0x13f), pos=66212711
FAT: cluster=320(0x140), pos=66212719
FAT: cluster=321(0x141), pos=66212727
FAT: cluster=322(0x142), pos=66212735
FAT: cluster=323(0x143), pos=66212743
FAT: cluster=324(0x144), pos=66212751
FAT: cluster=325(0x145), pos=66212759
FAT: cluster=326(0x146), pos=66212767
FAT: cluster=327(0x147), pos=66212775
FAT: cluster=328(0x148), pos=66212783
FAT: cluster=329(0x149), pos=66212791
FAT: cluster=330(0x14a), pos=66212799
FAT: cluster=331(0x14b), pos=66212807
FAT: cluster=332(0x14c), pos=66212815
FAT: cluster=333(0x14d), pos=66212823
FAT: cluster=334(0x14e), pos=66212831
FAT: cluster=335(0x14f), pos=66212839
FAT: cluster=336(0x150), pos=66212847
FAT: cluster=337(0x151), pos=66212855
FAT: cluster=338(0x152), pos=66212863
FAT: cluster=339(0x153), pos=66212871
FAT: cluster=340(0x154), pos=66212879
FAT: cluster=341(0x155), pos=66212887
FAT: cluster=342(0x156), pos=66212895
FAT: cluster=343(0x157), pos=66212903
FAT: cluster=344(0x158), pos=66212911
FAT: cluster=345(0x159), pos=66212919
FAT: cluster=346(0x15a), pos=66212927
FAT: cluster=347(0x15b), pos=66212935
FAT: cluster=348(0x15c), pos=66212943
FAT: cluster=349(0x15d), pos=66212951
FAT: cluster=350(0x15e), pos=66212959
FAT: cluster=351(0x15f), pos=66212967
FAT: cluster=352(0x160), pos=66212975
FAT: cluster=353(0x161), pos=66212983
FAT: cluster=354(0x162), pos=66212991
FAT: cluster=355(0x163), pos=66212999
FAT: cluster=356(0x164), pos=66213007
FAT: cluster=357(0x165), pos=66213015
FAT: cluster=358(0x166), pos=66213023
FAT: cluster=359(0x167), pos=66213031
FAT: cluster=360(0x168), pos=66213039
FAT: cluster=361(0x169), pos=66213047
FAT: cluster=362(0x16a), pos=66213055
FAT: cluster=363(0x16b), pos=66213063
FAT: cluster=364(0x16c), pos=66213071
FAT: cluster=365(0x16d), pos=66213079
FAT: cluster=366(0x16e), pos=66213087
FAT: cluster=367(0x16f), pos=66213095
FAT: cluster=368(0x170), pos=66213103
FAT: cluster=369(0x171), pos=66213111
FAT: cluster=370(0x172), pos=66213119
FAT: cluster=371(0x173), pos=66213127
FAT: cluster=372(0x174), pos=66213135
FAT: cluster=373(0x175), pos=66213143
FAT: cluster=374(0x176), pos=66213151
FAT: cluster=375(0x177), pos=66213159
FAT: cluster=376(0x178), pos=66213167
FAT: cluster=377(0x179), pos=66213175
FAT: cluster=378(0x17a), pos=66213183
FAT: cluster=379(0x17b), pos=66213191
FAT: cluster=380(0x17c), pos=66213199
FAT: cluster=381(0x17d), pos=66213207
FAT: cluster=382(0x17e), pos=66213215
FAT: cluster=383(0x17f), pos=66213223
FAT: cluster=384(0x180), pos=66213231
FAT: cluster=385(0x181), pos=66213239
FAT: cluster=386(0x182), pos=66213247
FAT: cluster=387(0x183), pos=66213255
FAT: cluster=388(0x184), pos=66213263
FAT: cluster=389(0x185), pos=66213271
FAT: cluster=390(0x186), pos=66213279
FAT: cluster=391(0x187), pos=66213287
FAT: cluster=392(0x188), pos=66213295
FAT: cluster=393(0x189), pos=66213303
FAT: cluster=394(0x18a), pos=66213311
FAT: cluster=395(0x18b), pos=66213319
FAT: cluster=396(0x18c), pos=66213327
FAT: cluster=397(0x18d), pos=66213335
FAT: cluster=398(0x18e), pos=66213343
FAT: cluster=399(0x18f), pos=66213351
FAT: cluster=400(0x190), pos=66213359
FAT: cluster=401(0x191), pos=66213367
FAT: cluster=402(0x192), pos=66213375
FAT: cluster=403(0x193), pos=66213383
FAT: cluster=404(0x194), pos=66213391
FAT: cluster=405(0x195), pos=66213399
FAT: cluster=406(0x196), pos=66213407
FAT: cluster=407(0x197), pos=66213415
FAT: cluster=408(0x198), pos=66213423
FAT: cluster=409(0x199), pos=66213431
FAT: cluster=410(0x19a), pos=66213439
FAT: cluster=411(0x19b), pos=66213447
FAT: cluster=412(0x19c), pos=66213455
FAT: cluster=413(0x19d), pos=66213463
FAT: cluster=414(0x19e), pos=66213471
FAT: cluster=415(0x19f), pos=66213479
FAT: cluster=416(0x1a0), pos=66213487
FAT: cluster=417(0x1a1), pos=66213495
FAT: cluster=418(0x1a2), pos=66213503
FAT: cluster=419(0x1a3), pos=66213511
FAT: cluster=420(0x1a4), pos=66213519
FAT: cluster=421(0x1a5), pos=66213527
FAT: cluster=422(0x1a6), pos=66213535
FAT: cluster=423(0x1a7), pos=66213543
FAT: cluster=424(0x1a8), pos=66213551
FAT: cluster=425(0x1a9), pos=66213559
FAT: cluster=426(0x1aa), pos=66213567
FAT: cluster=427(0x1ab), pos=66213575
FAT: cluster=428(0x1ac), pos=66213583
FAT: cluster=429(0x1ad), pos=66213591
FAT: cluster=430(0x1ae), pos=66213599
FAT: cluster=431(0x1af), pos=66213607
FAT: cluster=432(0x1b0), pos=66213615
FAT: cluster=433(0x1b1), pos=66213623
FAT: cluster=434(0x1b2), pos=66213631
FAT: cluster=435(0x1b3), pos=66213639
FAT: cluster=436(0x1b4), pos=66213647
FAT: cluster=437(0x1b5), pos=66213655
FAT: cluster=438(0x1b6), pos=66213663
FAT: cluster=439(0x1b7), pos=66213671
FAT: cluster=440(0x1b8), pos=66213679
FAT: cluster=441(0x1b9), pos=66213687
FAT: cluster=442(0x1ba), pos=66213695
FAT: cluster=443(0x1bb), pos=66213703
FAT: cluster=444(0x1bc), pos=66213711
FAT: cluster=445(0x1bd), pos=66213719
FAT: cluster=446(0x1be), pos=66213727
FAT: cluster=447(0x1bf), pos=66213735
FAT: cluster=448(0x1c0), pos=66213743
FAT: cluster=449(0x1c1), pos=66213751
FAT: cluster=450(0x1c2), pos=66213759
FAT: cluster=451(0x1c3), pos=66213767
FAT: cluster=452(0x1c4), pos=66213775
FAT: cluster=453(0x1c5), pos=66213783
FAT: cluster=454(0x1c6), pos=66213791
FAT: cluster=455(0x1c7), pos=66213799
FAT: cluster=456(0x1c8), pos=66213807
FAT: cluster=457(0x1c9), pos=66213815
FAT: cluster=458(0x1ca), pos=66213823
FAT: cluster=459(0x1cb), pos=66213831
FAT: cluster=460(0x1cc), pos=66213839
FAT: cluster=461(0x1cd), pos=66213847
FAT: cluster=462(0x1ce), pos=66213855
FAT: cluster=463(0x1cf), pos=66213863
FAT: cluster=464(0x1d0), pos=66213871
FAT: cluster=465(0x1d1), pos=66213879
FAT: cluster=466(0x1d2), pos=66213887
FAT: cluster=467(0x1d3), pos=66213895
FAT: cluster=468(0x1d4), pos=66213903
FAT: cluster=469(0x1d5), pos=66213911
FAT: cluster=470(0x1d6), pos=66213919
FAT: cluster=471(0x1d7), pos=66213927
FAT: cluster=472(0x1d8), pos=66213935
FAT: cluster=473(0x1d9), pos=66213943
FAT: cluster=474(0x1da), pos=66213951
FAT: cluster=475(0x1db), pos=66213959
FAT: cluster=476(0x1dc), pos=66213967
FAT: cluster=477(0x1dd), pos=66213975
FAT: cluster=478(0x1de), pos=66213983
FAT: cluster=479(0x1df), pos=66213991
FAT: cluster=480(0x1e0), pos=66213999
FAT: cluster=481(0x1e1), pos=66214007
FAT: cluster=482(0x1e2), pos=66214015
FAT: cluster=483(0x1e3), pos=66214023
FAT: cluster=484(0x1e4), pos=66214031
FAT: cluster=485(0x1e5), pos=66214039
FAT: cluster=486(0x1e6), pos=66214047
FAT: cluster=487(0x1e7), pos=66214055
FAT: cluster=488(0x1e8), pos=66214063
FAT: cluster=489(0x1e9), pos=66214071
FAT: cluster=490(0x1ea), pos=66214079
FAT: cluster=491(0x1eb), pos=66214087
FAT: cluster=492(0x1ec), pos=66214095
FAT: cluster=493(0x1ed), pos=66214103
FAT: cluster=494(0x1ee), pos=66214111
FAT: cluster=495(0x1ef), pos=66214119
FAT: cluster=496(0x1f0), pos=66214127
FAT: cluster=497(0x1f1), pos=66214135
FAT: cluster=498(0x1f2), pos=66214143
FAT: cluster=499(0x1f3), pos=66214151
FAT: cluster=500(0x1f4), pos=66214159
FAT: cluster=501(0x1f5), pos=66214167
FAT: cluster=502(0x1f6), pos=66214175
FAT: cluster=503(0x1f7), pos=66214183
FAT: cluster=504(0x1f8), pos=66214191
FAT: cluster=505(0x1f9), pos=66214199
FAT: cluster=506(0x1fa), pos=66214207
FAT: cluster=507(0x1fb), pos=66214215
FAT: cluster=508(0x1fc), pos=66214223
FAT: cluster=509(0x1fd), pos=66214231
FAT: cluster=510(0x1fe), pos=66214239
FAT: cluster=511(0x1ff), pos=66214247
FAT: cluster=512(0x200), pos=66214255
FAT: cluster=513(0x201), pos=66214263
MS Data 66208095 66754304 546210 [Remote Img]
FAT32, blocksize=4096, 279 MB / 266 MiB

LVM magic value at 4156/0/22

LVM magic value at 4705/102/36

LVM magic value at 4705/103/5

LVM magic value at 4705/103/31

LVM magic value at 4705/103/51

LVM magic value at 4705/104/7

LVM magic value at 4705/105/22

LVM magic value at 5199/30/50

LVM magic value at 5330/169/23

LVM magic value at 5391/225/27

LVM magic value at 5910/246/40
FAT12 at 5985/10/26
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-6
FAT2 : 7-12
start_rootdir : 13
Data : 45-2047
sectors : 2048
cluster_size : 1
no_of_cluster : 2003 (2 - 2004)
fat_length 6 calculated 6
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 5985/10/26
EFI System 96149680 96151727 2048 [EFI System Partition] [UEFIboot]
FAT12, blocksize=512, 1048 KB / 1024 KiB

LVM magic value at 6527/241/18

LVM magic value at 6788/220/18
FAT12 at 7133/47/47
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-8
FAT2 : 9-16
start_rootdir : 17
Data : 49-10056
sectors : 10060
cluster_size : 4
no_of_cluster : 2502 (2 - 2503)
fat_length 8 calculated 8
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 7133/47/47
EFI System 114594652 114604711 10060 [EFI System Partition] [EFI]
FAT12, blocksize=2048, 5150 KB / 5030 KiB
FAT12 at 7148/250/63
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-8
FAT2 : 9-16
start_rootdir : 17
Data : 49-10056
sectors : 10060
cluster_size : 4
no_of_cluster : 2502 (2 - 2503)
fat_length 8 calculated 8
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 7148/250/63
EFI System 114848432 114858491 10060 [EFI System Partition] [EFI]
FAT12, blocksize=2048, 5150 KB / 5030 KiB

LVM magic value at 7438/28/30

LVM magic value at 7686/80/2
FAT12 at 7688/34/43
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-6
FAT2 : 7-12
start_rootdir : 13
Data : 45-2047
sectors : 2048
cluster_size : 1
no_of_cluster : 2003 (2 - 2004)
fat_length 6 calculated 6
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 7688/34/43
EFI System 123509904 123511951 2048 [EFI System Partition] [UEFIboot]
FAT12, blocksize=512, 1048 KB / 1024 KiB

recover_EXT2: s_block_group_nr=0/0, s_mnt_count=1/30, s_blocks_per_group=8192, s_inodes_per_group=1440
recover_EXT2: s_blocksize=1024
recover_EXT2: s_blocks_count 5760
recover_EXT2: part_size 11520
Filesystem created: Fri Sep 26 07:06:27 2014
Last mount time: Fri Sep 26 07:06:27 2014
Linux filesys. data 124859168 124870687 11520
ext2 blocksize=1024 Sparse_SB, 5898 KB / 5760 KiB

LVM magic value at 8153/242/17
FAT12 at 8157/76/52
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-8
FAT2 : 9-16
start_rootdir : 17
Data : 49-10056
sectors : 10060
cluster_size : 4
no_of_cluster : 2502 (2 - 2503)
fat_length 8 calculated 8
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 8157/76/52
EFI System 131047044 131057103 10060 [EFI System Partition] [EFI]
FAT12, blocksize=2048, 5150 KB / 5030 KiB
FAT12 at 8177/148/24
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
FAT1 : 1-8
FAT2 : 9-16
start_rootdir : 17
Data : 49-10056
sectors : 10060
cluster_size : 4
no_of_cluster : 2502 (2 - 2503)
fat_length 8 calculated 8
heads/cylinder 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

FAT12 at 8177/148/24
EFI System 131372852 131382911 10060 [EFI System Partition] [EFI]
FAT12, blocksize=2048, 5150 KB / 5030 KiB
NTFS at 8407/23/1
heads/cylinder 16 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 2 (NTFS) != 63 (HD)
filesystem size 6174
sectors_per_cluster 1
mft_lcn 2058
mftmirr_lcn 5162
clusters_per_mft_record 2
clusters_per_index_record 8
MS Data 135053731 135059904 6174
NTFS found using backup sector, blocksize=512, 3161 KB / 3087 KiB
NTFS at 8407/23/1
heads/cylinder 16 (NTFS) != 255 (HD)
sect/track 2 (NTFS) != 63 (HD)
filesystem size 6174
sectors_per_cluster 1
mft_lcn 2058
mftmirr_lcn 5162
clusters_per_mft_record 2
clusters_per_index_record 8
MS Data 135059904 135066077 6174 [Boot]
NTFS, blocksize=512, 3161 KB / 3087 KiB

LVM magic value at 8596/3/22

recover_EXT2: s_block_group_nr=0/0, s_mnt_count=1/30, s_blocks_per_group=8192, s_inodes_per_group=1440
recover_EXT2: s_blocksize=1024

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Re: bitlocker boot disk crashed-- cant repair file system

#22 Post by recuperation » 30 Aug 2019, 21:50

Unfortunately I really have no real new proposal anymore.
The volume seems to be correctly decrypted and integrated in a partition table.
The result is now like what other people have when their disk breaks down.

If Testdisk fails, use Photorec or try different recovery software.

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Re: bitlocker boot disk crashed-- cant repair file system

#23 Post by iepso » 31 Aug 2019, 22:14

thanks recuperation, its just odd to see those input/output errors; since I used ddrescue to clone the bad hdd to a good hdd, and have been only working off of that one.

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