not sure what is next ?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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not sure what is next ?

#1 Post by loij » 03 Oct 2019, 16:20

I wanted see if this drive was clear of all partitions and file systems . so I ran testdisk on it . It is unallocated partion/drive but testdisk found "stuff" on the drive and I don't know what my next step should be in order to have this "stuff" removed so I can continue eventually with a newly formatted drive ; either ntsf or ext2 or 4 ?

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Re: not sure what is next ?

#2 Post by recuperation » 03 Oct 2019, 16:52

You don't need Testdisk. Simply format your drive with the file system of your choice.

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Re: not sure what is next ?

#3 Post by loij » 03 Oct 2019, 21:56

Thanks I realize that but I'm trying to understand why an unallocated drive shows anything on it ? also , I tried to open log files in Linux Mint 19.2 but I don't know what program/app to open it with ? I took 11 screenshots of all ops I did on this drive but they wouldn't all upload , so I did send an email and included them ; but don't have a way to post them here given the difficulty I had uploading all of them.

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