Photorec Filtering of Directory to look in

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Photorec Filtering of Directory to look in

#1 Post by sswcharlie »

Have used TestDisk to get to Photorec. Linux Mint 17.
I have 1 sub folder (in Documents folder) which I deleted in error. Know the name (OCR1950s)

Using terminal in Phototec I selected partition for Linux and it started running. Going thru the whole partition (expected time 1 hour plus!) So I stopped the running.

With the work done in directory: 'Home' I now have about 12 folders of 500 files each. All : recup_dirxx If I run for an hour it will have thousands!!

To start all over again, how do I delete the recup_dirxx files ? - have tried but will not delete

When I rerun the Photorec how do I limit the folders in which it looks, not everything, as per above, but only say the subfolders where the deleted folder was. And/or run the selection to run to a small number of days ? So the result will only show a limited number of folders/files

Appreciate your advice.
Charles Harris

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Re: Photorec Filtering of Directory to look in

#2 Post by cgrenier »

It's not possible to limit the recovery to the files deleted from a specific folder.
Be careful, when using PhotoRec, you must not store the recovered files on the source partition.
recup_dir.* directories are owner by root. If needed, use chown to change the owner

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