Is it possible to start photorec at a particular sector?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Is it possible to start photorec at a particular sector?

#1 Post by Mike314 »

I tried to open a jpg file while photorec was writing to the same directory. That caused confusion, and photorec stopped until I provided a new directory to continue. That was hours ago, and although it has scanned millions of sectors since, it hasn't found a single new file. I terminated photorec and will restart it, but rather than starting at the beginning, I'd like to start photorec at a particular sector, specifically at the sector where it last found a file. Is that possible?

In other words, can I supply the number of a sector where photorec should start searching?

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Re: Is it possible to start photorec at a particular sector?

#2 Post by recuperation »

Normally, when restarting Photorec and you have a unfinished recovery session you are being asked if you want to continue the previous session.

Otherwise do the following:

Please interrupt your running Photorec application.
Modify the file named "" in the Testdisk folder with a text editor. There is a line similar to the following example:

\\.\PhysicalDrive0 partition_i386,1,blocksize,512,fileopt,options,paranoid,keep_corrupted_file_no,wholespace,search,status=ext2_off,3784777

Please modify the last number marked red accordingly and restart Photorec.

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