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Why are they only Thumbnails

Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 19:13
by nopicsleft

Started recovery of disk, took some enormous long time to finish, when finished thought all had been recovered only to find they are all the thumbnails of the original image files and not the full image. How can I rectify this or how can I expand them to their original size and keep the detail etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Why are they only Thumbnails

Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 20:43
by Fiona
Would you like to recover RAW images?
Normally PhotoRec finds Photos by the normal size.
Did you use version 6.14-32bit?
You can use the menu "File Opt" and pressing s to deselect all file type and select only the desired ones.
Saves from recover of unnecessary file types.


Re: Why are they only Thumbnails

Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 23:12
by nopicsleft
Thanks for the prompt reply, yes it is 6.14 32 bit, only selected jpg,bmp,wmf type files and all jpg's looked at appear to be thumbnails only and not their previous normal size. When you say RAW what exactly do you mean, I just wanted to recover the image files not change their properties/attributes in anyway, did I miss something. Thank for you help I look forward to your views, cannot the file attributes be changed in some way to return them to normal size, excuse my ignorance just thinking aloud.

Re: Why are they only Thumbnails

Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 05:48
by uwnzs02
Hi Nopicsleft,

I have just gone through this process and find your post whilst looking for a resolution to the same issue. Since reading this trail, I have since gone back and reviewed my restores. What I found is that there were significantly more files recovered than I had lost. Looking more deeply I found that there were a lot of thumbnails and but also the originals are there too.

My guess (and it is a guess) is that the device used to capture the image created thumbnails for the purpose of quick viewing both on the device and when accessing from a computer.

If you sort your files by size, you should find that the larger files are your originals.

Hope this helps.

Re: Why are they only Thumbnails

Posted: 21 Dec 2016, 07:31
by roshangun
I had the same problem. Photorec recovered 1000+ accidentally deleted RAW (.nef) format files from my SD card but all the recovered files were thumbnails. However, on close inspection I found the file size was quite large (20-30 MB) so I suspected the originals were embedded in the thumbnails. I manually changed file extension from .tif to .nef (in mac OS I could batch convert), and that way I managed to recover all my files in full resolution and RAW format.