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Possible to recover a specific directory?

Posted: 23 Aug 2012, 19:52
by ProvenGuilty
Hi Forum,

I am a first time member/poster and first time user of TestDisk and PhotoRec.

I am attempting to recover some family vacation photos from a CIFS network share from an Iomega StorCenter ix2 2TB (Embedded Linux, configured in RAID-1). Looks like after all the photos were transferred, the photo import wizard not only deleted the camera's memory card, but I then took the plunge (in an effort of keeping ambiguous data, well, less ubiquitous) and deleted what I thought was my Windows7 computer's local copy of the photos, but alas I had the wrong Explorer window Selected with my CTRL+A, Shift+DEL instincts.

Long story short, I only deleted the most recently added photos, and in a very specific directory. Now I do have moderate Linux, Windows and Server invironment experience, and sadly to say this was prior to my backup software storing everything I just added.

And finally my question:
Is it possible to recover a very specific directory of photos, rather than by partitions or the entire drive using Photorec? I am using the latest version from August 2012's build of Parted Magic, which I booted my laptop up with and one of the RAID-1 disks attached via USB to SATA converter.

I have mounted, specified the .jpg file size that the camera exported them as, and it has begun pulling all kinds of things I don't want. I dug pretty deep and didn't see an option to specifiy and absolute or UNC file path in Photorec, but was hoping something like a RegEx or CLI for photorec would be able to provide.

I do have the option to also scan the camera's storage card, but fear I would have the same results (as we've used this camera for quite some time) of recovering unwanted/unecessary photos, or being tasked with a huge chore of sorting and finding the specific photos I am looking for.

All the best,


Re: Possible to recover a specific directory?

Posted: 31 Aug 2012, 11:17
by cgrenier
PhotoRec can't search for files from a single directory.
But you can sort the recovered files by date/time, it will help you to find the files you are looking for.