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MacBook Pro OSX Hard Drive Failure

Posted: 26 Sep 2012, 23:16
by epodowski
I have a MacBook Pro and the hard drive failed. It is not clicking or making any noise. The Apple Store said I need a new hard drive.

I setup a linux box and loaded in your linux testdisk. It recognized the drive and it is current doing a analyse of the partition.

I am using 6.14.WIP.linux26.tar.bz2 download. Am I using the right version of TestDisk for a MAC OSX?

I wasn't sure which file system I needed to select for the analyse. I think I select the MAC, but then it reverted back to another selection.

It is at cylinder 361/30400. It is moving extremely slow. I was trying to find a way to back up the drive first, but could not figure out how or if it was possible using TestDrive.

Thanks for your reply.

Re: MacBook Pro OSX Hard Drive Failure

Posted: 28 Sep 2012, 12:52
by stumpyuk
If the MAC option didn't get you the partition layout, try selecting the "EFI GPT" option.
The file system on MACs is HFS+, you need to select the "Other" option when prompted for file system type to do your file recovery with photorec.
If you have got Linux then you have lots of options to back up the drive. The dd command is installed by default, you can download libewf to have a compression option on your image backup