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Destination Drive

Posted: 22 Mar 2012, 06:44
by newbie307
I'm running Photorec 6.13-WIP from DOS. I can select the drive that I want to recover files from fine. When I get to the destination "directory /" I'm lost. When I select the drwxrwxrwx with the ".." I can see an entire list of drives a:/ thru z:/ but none of them are the drives that I have connected. Do I need to partition any of the destination drives in a particular format to be seen by Photorec? I have an 500gb external hd connected via usb, a 650gb hd internal, and another 500gb hd internal (which is damaged) and I can't seem to find either of the non damaged drives in the destination directory in order to save my files. Where do I save my files to? Any help would be much appreciated. Let me know what other information you need to help any further. Thanks.

Re: Destination Drive

Posted: 23 Mar 2012, 07:16
by cgrenier
DOS can only access FAT partitions, so you can't choose an NTFS filesystem for destination.
Use a Linux or Windows LiveCD from list

Re: Destination Drive

Posted: 18 May 2012, 10:23
by kibkib
I have exactly the same problem. Destination drive is FAT32 formatted i cannot select it, there are mixed drive letters and root files in the list of destination drives but none of the letters is my drive.
I tested versions 6.13 and 6.14-WIP, both the same problem.
Version 6.08 works fine.

Re: Destination Drive

Posted: 09 Dec 2013, 14:02
by hugo
If i understand you correctly, you have difficulties selecting some destination drive to which you want to restore your files right?

if yes, then what worked for me is to simply put the testdisk folder on the destination drive and run the software from there. It will allow you to browse to a destination folder if you do that

Flash Drive Repair

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 17:19
by dblank849
I'm new to this. I plugged my flash drive into the USB port of my laptop and got an error stating that the flash drive was not formatted and asking if I wanted to format the drive. I did not format the drive again since it is already formatted. I have been using it for over a year. When I tried to access the drive through the start menu I get a message that the drive is not accessible and that the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. So I tried using TestDisk to fix the drive but without success.
The steps I followed are as follows:
Created a new log file
Selected the SanDisk Cruzer
Selected Intel type (detected by TestDisk)
Selected Analyse
Selected Quick search - Results said structure was OK
Clicked on "enter" to continue
Selected deeper search (why not!)
Came back with same results as the quick search and structure still OK and this is where I started to get lost in regards to what to do next.
Selected "Write" - (it said write partition structure to disk) and confirmed "Y"
Next it said I would have to reboot for the change to take effect.
Shut down and restarted my computer

I thought that "Write" meant that it was going to write my data to a new location and that I would get to select where the data would be written to. But I wasn't given any choices for where my data would be written and this doesn't seem to be the case. So at this point, I am no farther ahead than before. When I try to access the flash drive, I get the same errors.

I know that the files on the drive can be accessed because I came close using another program. One search gave me a list of all my folders and files but there wasn't anything readable inside. A deep (raw) search gave me a numbered list of all of the files and the data is there but without the titles, it will be really inconvenient to try to use.

TestDisk had good reviews so I decided to give it a try. Just need a little help with where I went wrong and what to do next. Thanks.

Re: Destination Drive

Posted: 04 Jan 2014, 08:33
by cgrenier
The partition table is now ok, so no need to use Analyse, Quick Search...
Run "cmd" (right-click run as administrator), "chkdsk /f d:" (replace d: by the correct drive letter).
If it doesn't fix your problem, run TestDisk, Advanced, select the partition, List and copy the files where you want.

Re: Destination Drive

Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 02:43
by dblank849
I just wanted everyone to know that I followed the instructions in the response to my post and the recovery worked perfectly. My disk is repaired and I have access to all of my files again. Thanks so much!!