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Can't find disk

Posted: 19 May 2013, 23:20
by thothtp
I have a gopro hero HD that I took various videos and stills on, when the card went bad.

Using the GoPro as a mass storage device, I get the disk to come up in windows 7 64bit, but it says it needs formatted. When I load Photorec or testdisk the disk is not listed.

When I load it in to a card reader, I get nothing at all. I get the beep of a usb device but then nothing else. It doesn't show up in windows or the recovery software.

I have checked the card reader and go pro with a good card, both work perfectly.

Any ideas? What am I missing?

Thanks for all the help!

Re: Can't find disk

Posted: 20 May 2013, 18:43
You could try PC Inspector File Recovery by Convar. It has a "Find lost drives" function that might be able to see your card.