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TestDisk sometimes will crash during file copy

Posted: 02 Jun 2013, 18:43
by lonwinters
By crash, I mean it does not complete the copy, hangs and becomes non-responsive. The rest of the computer still goes on. Can't close it out, even with the task manager.

Brief back=story: Had the "No OS found" problem on boot. Tired all the usual troubleshooting - the startup repair from the install disk DVD got it booting, but only as far as the Login screen. From the command prompt I saw that the Users folder was empty, as well as some other system folders. I saw the found.000 folder and it appeared to have at least some of the User accounts in there. I still wasn't sure though, if these other folders were actually empty. I decided to install a fresh OS to the seond Internal drive and go from there. After, I could browse the old OS on the now D Drive. Those folders still reported as empty and permissions issues got in the way of really checking out the found.000 folder.

The question at that point was, should I backup these folders before trying any sort of recovery? That lead me here and using TestDisk to try to get as much data back from the found.000 folder by copying what I could to an external drive. Then I would look into recover if needed.

So, when TestDisk hangs it seems to be when I'm trying to copy larger chunks of the structure and content at once. I can drill down and it works fine, and the resulting files appear intact. The log file mentions corrupt files. So would the problem be the corrupt files, the size of the copy, the length of the folder paths? I would like to copy over more at a time if possible, but if thee's a limitation there, or if it's just not advised, I'll keep on with the smaller copy jobs.