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Recovered files from Mac OS X

Posted: 07 Aug 2013, 14:55
by khymon
Hi there,

I am using Photorec on a linux box and I am facing quite a problem.

I was recovering files from a hfs+ hdd that ran under Mac OS X 10.7. and was encrpyted with FileVault. Now, among others, photorec found over 280.000 files from that device and restored them as ".ecryptfs" file type. I wonder if I get these files decrypted somehow.

All tutorials I found so far were using "ecryptfs-recover-private", which I tried. It seemed to have the files unlocked and mounted them as ecryptfs under /tmp/XXXXXXX, but there I could only find the same files as before - all of them of type ".ecryptfs". The password I entered was answered with "successful" (I am 100% sure that I know the correct password).

So is there anything I can do to get these files unlocked?