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Pictures recovered are scrambled

Posted: 08 Aug 2013, 16:46
by zslatch7
I first used PhotoRec to attempt to remove the pictures and files (pictures are most important) from my 32 gb SDHC. When I did this, it only found the thumbnails of those images. I then used TestDisk to repair the boot sector and was able to get the contents of the card to show up in TestDisk. I then copied all the files over, finally gave up after 12+ hours. However, all the pictures seemed to be there except a few, but some of the ones that weren't missing were scrambled. By scrambled, I mean that half of the picture was moved to the left side and some had gray bars on half or more of the picture. However, most of the thumbnails for those images were fine, sans a few. Any ideas on how to get the full pictures?

Re: Pictures recovered are scrambled

Posted: 12 Aug 2013, 15:33
by cgrenier
It may be a problem with the FAT tables content or the new boot sector may point to bad FAT entries.
In PhotoRec, enable the Bruteforce mode in Options, you may be able to recover more pictures. It's very CPU intensive and takes hours or days.