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Many thanks - merci beaucoup Christophe!

Posted: 05 Oct 2013, 14:20
by KituZa
Per the title, many thanks indeed Christophe for making Photorec available for free - it's a fantastic tool!

My (PC illiterate) friend's hard drive died, and none of the so-called commercial recovery software that I tried was any use at all. A small local PC shop managed to get the data back, but then corrupted the external HD it was on by unplugging it without 'safely removing', so I was back to square 1.

So I hooked up the old drive, and roughly 15 hours later with Photorec I had everything back ... and sorted thanks to your link to the sorting script. This was running on Windows 7 btw, and went smoothly all the way.

Fantastic job - chapeau! You will be seeing a donation from my friend... I shall insist!