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PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 08 Apr 2012, 20:29
by tbek
Hi, I am not a techie at all. I tried the PhotoRec and follow step by step to recover photos from a Canon camera that I accidentally (and stupidly) formatted! I was able to recover a 3 gig file with extension .apple - how do I open this file? Please help.

Re: PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 09 Apr 2012, 21:53
by remy
This is probably not the file you are looking for. Let's say it's a "false positive" and search again :
- Please take the 6.14 version
- In the "file option" deselect all extension (s key) and select only crw and tif (cr2 are tagged image file)
- Be careful to specify a destination different than the disk where you are looking files.

Re: PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 03:13
by tbek
Thanks for replying Remy! I was using v6.14. I got my hopes up because it recover a 3gig file. What is exactly a .apple file? I can't seem to find any info on it doing a Google search.

I will try your suggestion of selecting just "crw" and "tif". But can you or anyone tell me if what I am selecting below are correct? It's the default or should I select a different choice?

Thanks for all the help.

Re: PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 10 Apr 2012, 08:10
by remy

.apple file : don't know, but it's not a cr2 or a raw crw... By the way : are you sure you took your picture using raw extension ? Else, you should search for .jpg instead of raw canon.

Whole disk / partition : select whole disk, because the size is good (4Gigs). Partition is what is written in the MBR and there's corruption. Beginning and size are wrong for your media.

Disk/rdisk : don't know exactely. It's due to disk detection under mac OSX, but I'm not an expert with this os. It should give same results, but your card is little enough that you can try both if results are not the same.

Re: PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 12 Dec 2012, 02:11
by cthiebault
I have the same problem... were you able to recover you files?
What kind of file was it in fact?

Re: PhotoRec recover 3gig .Apple???

Posted: 23 Dec 2013, 05:57
by therebel
same problem. anyone have any idea?