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Recovering a replaced file

Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 07:53
by Chadwick
Hi Everyone,

When downloading a file from the internet a few days ago I mistakenly replaced a file containing some uni notes. Would it be possible to get the original file (containing my uni notes) back using PhotoRec ?

I hope someone can help !



Re: Recovering a replaced file

Posted: 11 Apr 2012, 08:53
by Fiona
It's advisable not to write anything to your disk, as long as you diagnose it.
Did you check Testdisk and the menu Advanced Undelete first?
I've no idea about your required file type, but you can scan the disk using PhotoRec and Free.
So it will only recover data from unallocated space.
If you know your filetype and it's supported, you can use File Opt and pressing s to deselct all file types.
Then you can select only your required one!