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PhotoRec file type .gz wont open

Posted: 16 Jan 2014, 10:39
by dandan2300
Hi all,

I am using PhotoRec to recover a corrupt harddrive that had an electrical spike. My mate then formatted the drive because it kept asking him to initilize it. I got the drive before he was able to put anything on it and it was only a single pass deletion.
I used PhotoRec and it retrieved the data (sizes correlate) but the files keep spewing errors, I got several .gz etension files and one rw2 file but I keep getting error "Unable to expand "f11419704.gz" into "recup_dir1". (Error 1 - Operation not permitted.)"

Really want to try to help this guy, the mates wife is pissed its all their children's pictures growing up.

Help would be much appreciated