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Restarting Windows before file recovery finished?

Posted: 14 Feb 2014, 17:10
by MarkSaraEllis
I am in mid file recovery with PhotoRec and it says there is no more space in the desktop folder I have designated. I created a second desktop folder and directed the file recovery to resume in the new location, however I am getting a new message than an antivirus is blocking it. I have turned off both antivirus and my firewalls, but to no resolve. The error is still occurring. I read on these threads that it will work if I restart the computer in safe mode? I am willing to try that, however I am concerned about shutting the computer down while PhotoRec is in mid recover. I read from the instruction page that "...if you interrupt the recovery, the next time PhotoRec is restarted you will be asked to resume the recovery." does this include shutting down the computer? if this is okay to do, do I "ex" out of the PhotoRec window or shut down with it running? So I leave my antivirus and firewalls shut off when I restart or in safe mode does it not matter? I am recovering files from an external hard drive that contains ALL my work files for my business. This was my backup and over the years my primary computer had crashed and I didn't resave all my backed up files. Now the backup (or primary now) has died, so this recovery is very important. (I know, I know. Everyone feels their files are the most important, right?) Any assistance is greatly appreciated!