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LibreOffice Search (And a Forum Issue)

Posted: 03 Jun 2014, 23:53
by appalbarry
Actually I found an answer elsewhere before I could post a question here: in order to search for Libre/OpenOffice files you need to check off ZIP in the filter menu.

I'd suggest that a seperate Libre/Open office checkbox would be nice.

Surprise of the day was when I tried to register for the forum using my Blackberry Z10 on the Canadian Telus mobile network and was rejected because my IP was blacklisted by Spamhaus.

Identify Libreoffice files

Posted: 04 Jun 2014, 03:39
by appalbarry
PhotoRec is churning away. It's obvious I'm going to wind up with a lot of files.

It's my understanding that PhotoRec will identify Libreoffice files as zip files.

Is there an easy or fast way to identify just the LO Writer or Calc files? That would allow me to separate them from actual zip files and let me rename them in bulk.

I'm using Linux.

Re: Identify Libreoffice files

Posted: 05 Jun 2014, 01:32
by appalbarry
And I'll answer myself yet again - the LO files are saved with their usual suffixes.

.ODT, .ODS etc.