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Recovered all files except for 2 RTF corrupted files

Posted: 22 Jun 2014, 15:54
by AlainDelon
This is my first post on this forum.

Firstly, I thanked Christophe Grenier for the PhotoRec and Miss Fiona for the answering some of the questions even though not all. Well, we don't have answers for everything.

I have a corrupted Kingston USB Flash drive that contains some data. The data is still there.
I managed to salvage 90 percentiles of the files.Recovered of all the files except for 2 Rich Text File(.rtf) corrupted files which were the root cause of the Kingston USB Flash drive to fail to work . It took about 25 minutes for the recovery to complete with recovery of 2850 files.

I am not complaining about PhotoRec, it is a good piece of software but the learning curve is slow, confusing at times, and tedious. No offence meant or pun intended.

However, PhotoRec does have some drawbacks or need some improvements if possible.

1.All recovered files are sorted into types (.jpg, .java,.gif,.txt,etc) except that .htm, html files cannot be recovered. as .htm, html files are recovered as .h files or txt files.
Even .mp4 files are recovered.

If .htm, html files can be copied directly from the corrupted Kingston USB Flash drive rather than recovered as non htm or html that would be great.

2. If a folder or files can be recovered as a whole or complete rather than separately into java,gif,jpg etc that is even greater or allow us to copy direct from from the corrupted Kingston USB Flash drive.

3.The countdown timer is rather misleading at first that it needed 24 hrs then reduced to 2 hrs then to 25 minutes to complete the recovery. Luckily. I experimented with PhotoRec before I really used it for sure.

4.If PhotoRec does not rename the data and keep the original filename during recovery, that is even better like file copying just copy the file with the original name.

Anyway, thank you very much.
Alain Delon.

Re: Recovered all files except for 2 RTF corrupted files

Posted: 23 Jun 2014, 12:52
by AlainDelon
I forgot to add that the corrupted data was 359 MB in size that contains html pages, .jpg pictures, java scripts, txt files, and a folder file of jpg pictures, lastly 2 RTF files.

5.If the recovered items are saved into 1 folder or file rather than into different folders or files that will be great.
The recovered items are saved into 6 different folders or files from recup1 to recup6.