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Recover files from SD card

Posted: 04 Aug 2014, 20:38
by urrfaust
HI everyone,

I've been trying to recover files using TestDIsk on Linux from an 8GB SD card. They were for the most part mp3 files, for which I have no backup.
This is what I tried:

- first of all, fdisk reports the card as:
- I made a copy of the SD card using dd.
- I ran TestDisk, but couldn't do to Advanced->Boot->Rebuild BS, as there were no partitions found.
- I tried QUick search, then deeper search, but to no avail.
- I ran photorec, no files found (I set the option to look for .mp3 files)

Is there anything else I should try? Or should I toss the SD card for good?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Recover files from SD card  Topic is solved

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 13:06
by cgrenier
Check that the dd file isn't truncated. By default, if there is a read error, dd stops the copy.
It's recommanded to use ddrescue instead.

Another test. Zip or gzip your dd file. If the resulting file is very small, you can consider that there is no data to recover as a mp3 can't be compressed.

Re: Recover files from SD card

Posted: 23 Aug 2014, 10:57
by urrfaust
The dd file is not truncated, the size is right.
I tried to zip the file and the resulting file is 7Mb in size, so I guess there's nothing there.
Thanks a lot for your advice!