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Start recovery from a specific sector

Posted: 17 Oct 2014, 15:08
by Lrslei
I need to recover some mp3 and waw files from a broken 750GB drive (large portions of bad sectors). I lost all partitions, and I can't recover them. I cannot clone the drive also, beacuse all the tools i used fail to copy at some point.

Despite this, I can use photorec, but every time I launch the recovery (with different parameters, for example) it needs to start from the beginning of the disk, and it takes 8hrs to get to the right sectors!

Is there a way to start the recovery from a specific point of the disk? As a fast and esay fix for this, I'm wondering if I can "cheat" the resuming process, forcing it to start from an arbitrary sector: I had a look at "", tweaking the values, and "photorec.cfg" in my home (I'm using Linux), but none of these files actually helped.

Can you help me about this?