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Photorec files are all corrupted

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 19:05
by eric512
I have a Win 8 laptop and the drive has physical damage. The heads were not parked. Opened the cover, parked the heads and now I can run Photorec without any problems. Partition table is messed up but I can find the Win 8 partition and see the file structure. Photorec finds tons of files, but all of them are corrupted. Some of the jpgs are readable, but all of the XLS and DOC files are trashed. I've run photorec with the default options so far.

Any ideas? I just need the Word docs mainly.

Update - just ran "foremost" and it recovered some complete office files. Not many, but I guess it will only recover a file it if finds the whole thing. Not sure what the difference is between these two tools, but at least now I have some files back. The drive is still running after a few days of recovery. I do have it imaged on another drive as well.