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Can't find the .mov files

Posted: 08 Nov 2014, 20:37
by gglafranco
I ran my sd card through PhotoRec and was delighted to see that in addition to many jpg files it also recovered 3 .mov files. As these are the files that I have been loosing sleep over, I was very excited. However, I can't find the files on my computer. I did find the the file folders where the jpg's are stored but there were no .mov's there. Do you have a tip as to how to locate them and should I have modified my initial recovery procedures so that this would not have happened?

Re: Can't find the .mov files

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 09:46
by cgrenier
Sort the file by extension in recup_dir.1 directory, there may be .mov or .avi.