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Filename with wildcard and extension ???

Posted: 12 Nov 2014, 06:25
by jospin
I have my hard disk crashed and then formatted and rewritten.I want to recover my mozilla firefox bookmarks which got lost in the process and which were having many links.Now how do I give a filename with wildcard and extension say "*bookmark*.json" in photorec.sig file or I have to extract all json files in which case there are too many of them ?Please let me know if exact filename or with wildcard char as "*" can be used in photorec.sig to retrieve only required files and how ?


Re: Filename with wildcard and extension ???

Posted: 13 Nov 2014, 08:24
by cgrenier
Run PhotoRec, in FileOpts, disable everything, enable the "tx?" file familly, it includes Firefoox bookmarks in json format.
It's better than using a crafted signature because it should detect the end of the file, otherwise you may get a several GB json file.

Re: Filename with wildcard and extension ???

Posted: 13 Nov 2014, 14:09
by jospin
I got 800+ html,xml files but with no json extension which the firefox bookmarks have.Pls advise if the bookmarks are in one of the html files or do i have to run photorec with different option to extract json bookmark file ?

Re: Filename with wildcard and extension ???

Posted: 16 Nov 2014, 03:45
by jospin
As per the suggestion of using tx?,there isn't any file with json extension only html files.When running thru custom extension setup in photorec.sig file as suggested in your documentation , it creates huge json extension files but none of them is bookmarks file of moz firefox ? pls advise if at all bookmarks json file can be recovered as hard disk crashed and had been rewritten with the new OS and data ?Assumption is that bookmarks got lost because it was in %appdata% temp space of windows under mozilla profiles.Is there a way of recovering these type pf windows temp spaces and to what level i.e. crash followed by rewrite,rewrite,rewrite ( 3level here )etc.I guess guttman erases to 35 levels .Is it possible to recover to that level ????? please advise if recovery is possible and whether photorec/testdisk is capable to handle it ????