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Recovering Data to A Different Drive

Posted: 17 Nov 2014, 21:49
by eclark461
Directions for Data Recovery Inside of Windows. (I have done this and it works)

Problem: TestDisk only recognizes the Root C: Drive and you want to copy files to a Different Drive.

Solution: Mounting the Drive inside of a folder in the C: Drive.

Directions (windows 7 64 Bit or 32 Bit)

Preperations! Go TO the C: Drive and Make a Folder Called "RecoveredFiles" ensure that no spaces are used

Step 1. Plug in Drive you want to recover Data To!

Step 2. Open Computer Management (right click on My Computer from the Start Menu and select Manage)
- Optional go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Disk Management Or Computer Management

Step 3. Select the Drive from Computer Management that you want to recover the files to! (make sure this is indeed the drive)

Step 4. Right Click on the Partition and Select "Change Drive Letter and Paths"

Step 5. Click the Remove Button to Remove the Drive Letter! (This will not result in data loss it is simply unmounting tht drive to that letter)

This next step will allow you to mount the drive into an NTFS Folder for use
Step 6. Click The Add Button and Select the Radio Button (dot) that says "Mount in the following empty NTFS Folder"
Click Browse and Select C:\RecoveredFiles
Click OK

Next Steps.

Open TestDisk and go through the motions for recovering files. and when you want to copy the files to a folder recover the files into C:\RecoveredFiles

All files will be copied to the drive.

Once you are done repeat the steps above and this time assign the drive a letter instead of mounting into an NTFS Folder.